Saturday, 29 December 2012

What Feels Real to You? The more life experience we get, the more we have to work with. As we meet more new people, take on more opportunities and find ourselves in different environments, we have the opportunity to reflect. The only way to really know if something makes us feel good is to decide after we experience it. We must be open and willing in life to face both excitement and challenge. The only way to discover what we want and what feels real is to try all that life gives us with courage, trusting ourselves that we will sift through our experiences to create more of that which ignites our spark. We must consciously sift through all that we know, while continuing to gain more experience with each day, and focus on that which has touched our heart.

 And what do I mean by "that which has touched our heart?" Well, I am referring to those experiences or people who have left a permanent positive impact on you. That have made you realize what it really means to be alive. To flow with the universe and live from the heart. People and situations that have freed your soul, allowed you to be your truest and happiest self.
This process requires intense focus and self-trust. As we learn more about what liberates us and sets us free from all limits, it is important to focus with all that we have on it. To trust that by following the realness of these life-changing experiences, we become truly free and happy.
Take a few minutes to reflect. Become aware. Take out a piece of paper and identify that which has ignited your spark. The people and experiences that have inspired you. And focus on actively expanding upon these experiences. 
This is where the truth lies. Believe in it.

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