Saturday, 22 December 2012

Decide to Take Action!
There is a certain power, an undeniable force, in deciding to do something. Rather than being at affect of the decisions of others or whatever the universe brings upon us, when we decide to create the events of our own life, a certain spark ignites. We feel inspired.  We often underestimate our own power that is limitless. As a famous quote says, we fear our greatness- we fear how great we can be and the intensity of happiness and freedom we can achieve. 

I say take the risk. Believe in yourself and decide that YOU are the one who makes the decisions. After all, it is YOUR life. Take the leap of faith and decide.

And now comes the burning question. "How do I decide when there are so many options/possibilities?" Well, here is the answer: when we ask ourselves this question and look at the limitless possibilities that lie before us, we often become overwhelmed by them all because we analyze each one- "what is going to happen if I do this?" "What will so and so think if I do this?" "What happens if it doesn't turn out as I expect?" "What if I fail?"

We spend so much time and energy thinking and rationalizing each choice and forget to realize that there is no possible way we can determine the effect of a choice until we actually DO it. Of course it is important to make sure we are not taking a risk that will cause harm or something of that extreme. But most of the time, the decisions we make are not life and death- therefore we need to stop thinking so much, and take more action. We must DO consistently.

So decide to do something that your intuition is guiding you towards. You won't be able to figure out the end result before you actually do it, so stop the thinking. The process is where the fulfillment really lies. 

Be the creator and manifestor of your destiny. Of course there are certain things that are out of our control such as the weather and the people around us, but we can start from somewhere. We can start with our own power to create a structure for ourselves. We can decide to do something, because either way we will get a result. It is better to take responsibility for our decisions and learn all that we can from them, knowing that we are the conscious creators of them. So decide, make a plan, think less and take action.



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