Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Getting Addicted to True Happiness

The path to happiness is not always straight, but it is worthwhile. Since happiness is different to each person, it is not something that we can achieve by following a set of instructions on how we "should" live our lives. Nobody can tell us exactly what it is that makes each of us excited, what ignites our spark. You are the one who knows yourself the best, because you are the only one experiencing your life. 

 Along the path of true happiness, there are two things we must always remind ourselves of:

1 There is absolutely no need to please anyone else because the people that have your best interest at heart will want you to do what makes you happy

2 Nobody can define your happiness and wants in life better than you. Yes, we need some life experience to see what it is that we want and don't want. Yes, we will need guidance of people who can teach us a lot. But in the end, we must take what feels true and real from each of the inspiring people or resources in our lives and create our own unique belief system that defines the choices we make for our happiness. It is important to make the choice that feels right to YOU.

A very powerful thing I've learned on my own happiness journey is the value of experience.  It takes experience of happiness to truly believe in it. That is why the fight is hardest at the beginning. But once we know what we are fighting for, once we know the exhilarating and liberating feeling, there is no going back.

At the beginning of my journey,  experience hadn't yet stepped into my life and body to show me what I was fighting for.  In the beginning it was hard to believe because I didn't yet know what it feels like to be around positive and inspiring people, to make choices from the heart, to follow my intuition and to feel truly happy. But now I know. And that is why, no matter what anyone else says, you should follow what you believe is possible.

 I started becoming conscious of my choices about three years ago. That was when I started asking myself every time, "Is this choice going to make me happy?" and "Is this person someone I feel good around?" At the beginning it was hard. It was very hard. You know why? Because I was concerned with pleasing people, I was concerned with doing what I "should" do rather than what I really wanted. But with time, I came to know and experience the life I truly want and now I am addicted. 
 I want to share my addiction with you! 

You should never settle for less. Dreams start in the heart, they start inside. We imagine them. But with focus and a sound belief in ourselves, we have it all in us to create them, to make them real and to share them with others.



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