Thursday, 6 December 2012

Live Richly Without Being Rich

Sometimes we forget that the little things in life mean a lot. We too often forget that its those simple things that can bring us an incredible sense of fulfillment and pleasure. Yes, intense pleasure. Of course it is important to have a long-term plan in life, to have goals. It is important to figure out the big stuff like where we want to live, what career we want to have, what kind of partner we want to be with and so on. But, at the same time that we patiently work towards achieving our dreams and success, there is nothing stopping us from enjoying the simple things. We have access to experiencing these simple pleasures right now. It is simply a matter of choice.
We don't need money, or very little of it to experience these simple things.

- a warm coffee or tea in a cozy shop
- a sunset or sunrise
- the company of a good friend
- a walk in nature
- a warm bath
- an organized and refreshed room
- a good song
- smelling a flower

And many, many more. You can continue the list. 

So why do so many of us forget to take the time to do these things? Because they are so simple and small that we forget how important they are. Yes, it is easy to do them. But it is also easy not to do them. 

That is why we have to use our awareness to realize that they are important. Until we are actually experiencing them, we often forget the pleasure they bring.

So all it takes is a conscious mindset that abundance is not only in the big things, but in the little things as well.

And very often, at the end of the day, we realize that what we thought were the little things are actually the big things. 

There is so much value in taking the time to refine the quality of our life experience by simply reminding ourselves to do the small things every day.

Sometimes I get so caught up in trying to figure out my life's purpose and making big goals and decisions that I forget that happiness is something that can be fully experienced today. Now, as a matter of fact. Yes, achieving the big things that we want brings much happiness, but it is the process of getting to those big things that is truly fulfilling. And the process involves finding those little moments in life, and cherishing them. Taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. This is an art and it deserves to be mastered.



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