Saturday, 9 June 2012


 Have you seen one of these posters in the subway? People For Good is a non-profit organization  ( that works towards creating a happier and more connected world. Check out their website for ideas and videos of people who have joined the movement. The idea is to do small gestures of goodness towards others so that you can make their day that much better. Sometimes we underestimate the power of small acts. A warm smile towards someone you don't know. An informative word to somebody who needs directions. Holding the door for someone who would otherwise have difficultly doing it themselves. And the actions you do don't just have to be to strangers because there are people around you every day whose lives would be forever changed by your goodness. People may hide their bad days but that doesn't diminish the experience or emotions they are feeling. If you feel like you have some good energy to share with someone who needs it, talk to them. Give them a hug. Tell them it's going to be OK. Tell them that they can do it. Tell them that you believe in them. With each small act of goodness, you will not only feel better yourself but you will forever impact the lives of others. Build a better future, join the movement!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Be In This Moment

    This moment, right now, is what we know we have for sure. The past is a memory and the future is still waiting to be created. And you have the power to create exactly what it is that you want. You have the choice to create an extraordinary life for yourself. Paulo Coelho, author of the amazing book, The Alchemist, writes "At a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what's happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That's the world's greatest lie." This is a strong belief of mine. We have the power to create, and create things that we never knew we were capable of. It really is magic. 
    But in order to create this incredible future, we must create in this very moment- because present moments culminate towards the future. We must put ourselves on the vibrational frequency of the way we want to feel in the future right NOW. 
    What makes you feel good? Do it NOW and stop listening to others' expectations or the limits you set on yourself. Believe that you deserve to have incredible friends, incredible health and an abundant and fulfilling life. And do what you want now because there is nothing to lose.
       Talk to that person you've always wanted to, travel the world, learn that language, connect with people who are like you, eat to satisfy, exercise to feel good, laugh ridiculously, cry passionately and feel this moment because this is as real as it gets. 


Monday, 4 June 2012



~ FRESH ~ 


 Fresh restaurants are awesome and offer affordable and delicious food. With three locations in Toronto, Fresh is easily accessible- there is nothing holding you back! The restaurants offer a warm and laid-back vibe. And a great menu of glorious food which is:

- Fresh
- Wholesome
- Healthy
- Satisfying
- Made from scratch

Do you ever feel like you need a physical and mental boost? Something to make you bless the body you are living in? Well Fresh has a Juice Bar with an incredible selection to choose from. You can boost your immune system by adding supplements such as spirulina to your drink. And if you aren't feeling adventurous, Fresh's fruit smoothies will be sure to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours!

So come visit FRESH and feel the difference! Dine in with a friend or take-out and lie on the grass and watch the sunset at Trinity Bellwoods Park beside Fresh on Crawford.

Bon Appetit!

Check out the website:

Friday, 1 June 2012


Harness the Ability to Gain More from Each Day

    Awareness can be described as a heightened sense of consciousness where the individual 
feels more in tune with the details of their life. So, keeping this definition in mind, imagine being able to gain more from every sensation that you experience. Imagine making a positive experience an exhilarating one where happiness feels limitless. It's all in your ability to be aware. The more aware you are of a sensation, the more you will gain from it. You will feel more real and powerful. Imagine being able to banish boredom as you find interesting perspectives on seemingly ordinary situations. Imagine being able to flip the switch on negative circumstances as you become aware of changes that need to be made to feel better.
   Okay, now you're probably wondering, "That sounds great, but how do I become more aware?" I will tell you exactly how. Awareness is a lifestyle choice- just like when you decide that you want to make regular exercise a part of your life. The more you exercise, the better you feel and the stronger your muscles become. The "Awareness Muscle" works the same way. Practicing awareness on a daily basis strengthens your ability to benefit from each day.
THE FIVE SENSES: by sensing more, you can gain more insight and perspective on a given event, situation or person.

What foods do you enjoy eating? Next time you eat that chocolate mousse cake or apple crumble pie with ice cream, take a moment to focus on just the taste. Pause for a moment on the conversation you are having. Let the noise and bustle of the restaurant you are sitting in settle at the back of your mind. Notice the details of what is in your mouth. Is the food you are eating sweet? Sour? Salty? Spicy? Why do you like what you are tasting so much?

What music do you listen to? Notice what you enjoy so much about the songs that you never get tired of. Pay attention to the way music makes you feel. Listen to the various qualities of your own speaking voice as well as the voices of the people you talk with. What tone are they speaking in?

Observe the world around you. Notice the different people you see on the bus, on the street and at work. What are they doing?