Saturday, 9 June 2012


 Have you seen one of these posters in the subway? People For Good is a non-profit organization  ( that works towards creating a happier and more connected world. Check out their website for ideas and videos of people who have joined the movement. The idea is to do small gestures of goodness towards others so that you can make their day that much better. Sometimes we underestimate the power of small acts. A warm smile towards someone you don't know. An informative word to somebody who needs directions. Holding the door for someone who would otherwise have difficultly doing it themselves. And the actions you do don't just have to be to strangers because there are people around you every day whose lives would be forever changed by your goodness. People may hide their bad days but that doesn't diminish the experience or emotions they are feeling. If you feel like you have some good energy to share with someone who needs it, talk to them. Give them a hug. Tell them it's going to be OK. Tell them that they can do it. Tell them that you believe in them. With each small act of goodness, you will not only feel better yourself but you will forever impact the lives of others. Build a better future, join the movement!

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