Friday, 18 April 2014

Focus: Why We need it and How we Get it simple, yet powerful truth that I have come to terms with in my life is this: all the results I've gotten, and goals I've reached, especially in the past two years, came through focus.

Focus creates energy. When we focus on our priorities, the things that only bring us happiness, our energy is streamlined and therefore results come our way more quickly. The unimportant naturally fades away.

The universe knows what to give us when we are clear on what we want. We become a much stronger point of attraction for that which we want when we are focused.

Focus creates expansion. It invites clarity and cultivates power. And abundance. What a paradox! But it's 100% true. Every time. Every experience in my life where I felt expansion is there to prove.

One of the most challenging things I've realized about focus is that it involves self trust. We must trust that we know what we need. Focus means creating boundaries on other people's expectations. It's impossible to please everyone and be 100% true to ourselves. This means tuning out the voices of negativity and consciously choosing what we take in.

Here are a few of the ways in which we can cultivate focus:

1 Inviting Challenge and Excitement

Boring routines that don't challenge us to grow are counterproductive. We each have a wackload of potential that is meant to be used. When this energy is stifled, our body feels stuck. This is why I've found challenge to be one of the key points in cultivating focus. When we are challenged to think in new ways, to call upon our inner resources, we feel alive. We are in "the zone", in "flow", you know what I mean. And we realize that our potential and capabilities are limitless.

We can cultivate challenge when we are spontaneous, when we take risks, when we face our fears. For example, booking a low budget trip that challenges us to move past our comfort zone.

We can cultivate challenge by inviting new experiences or by growing in our current environments. For example, communicating with our managers at work to explore new capacities and building skills in other areas of an organization. Asking for a promotion. The truth is that if we don't ask, the answer will always be no. "Ask and you shall receive." When we vocalize our needs and goals, we automatically are held accountable for our own happiness.

2 We are the People we Surround Ourselves With

One of the most important truths I've learned about relationships is that we owe it to ourselves to choose the people who bring the best in us. People who support our growth and hold us accountable for doing the things we want to do. Healthy relationships are energizing, authentic and supportive.

We simply cannot be around negative people and focus on positive growth at the same time. It doesn't work. Letting go of people who bring us down is one of the keys to being focused.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." We cannot change people. Trying to "make" people understand is a waste of time. But while we cannot change others, we can choose who we surround ourselves with.

3 Exercise and Wholesome Eating

Two days ago yet again proved to me how life-changing physically activity is. The way I felt before and after my run blew my mind. Pick an activity that makes you sweat, it doesn't matter what it is, and do it regularly. Physical activity makes us feel more calm, grounded, present and focused. And did I say amazing? Well, that too.

It's true, "we are what we eat". Eating regular wholesome meals and snacks, nutrient rich foods, simply feels good. The goal is not perfection, but to feel nourished and energized. From this point, we are far more focused, grounded and present in our work and relationships.

4 Travel and Taking Breaks

Booking a trip is a great way to reboot. To refocus. It gives a chance to come back to what we want, separate from the exceptions of the people around us. We are constantly surrounded by ideas of who we "should" be, when really, its simply about being who we are. By developing our individual gifts, we are able to offer something to the world that nobody else can. Another way to take a break is by disconnecting and unplugging. Facebook, Twitter, and our Smartphones can be used as great tools. Therefore, the key here is balance. Using these tools to our benefit, but also reminding ourselves to take time away from them. Why? Because our greatest tool is the knowledge we have in our hearts.