Friday, 13 June 2014

We Are Creators"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit."
- Aristotle 

Each day I learn again and again through my experiences that we can literally shift how we feel by realizing our power to choose and in practicing intentional choice-making.

I've also learned that not choosing is also a choice, but in doing this we are just denying our expansion. Not claiming the power that is always within us.

We choose who we spend our time with, what opportunities we engage in and how we want to see the world.

Our choices each day cumulatively create our reality.

We choose  to affect our lives, rather than allow our circumstances to affect us.

We choose to make our happiness a priority- because we know that in doing this, we naturally overflow with love for the people around us. We are able to support others from a grounded place when we have cultivated our own ground first. We choose self care and self love.

We choose to ask for help and reach out. Because we know that we are on this planet together to help and inspire each other.

We choose to connect, to face our fears, to take risks, to quit things that are wasting our time and to free ourselves from the limiting stories, allowing for expansion, vision and growth.

We choose to let go of the need to assume and judge because we know that we cannot truly know an experience until we are physically experiencing it. We choose to live in the truth of what we are experiencing in this present moment.

We choose to listen to our bodies and our intuition as we create our lives. Our bodies know what feels good. This guidance system is infinitely powerful is guiding us to choose the experiences that energize us.

We choose to live in awareness and act from a profound place of courage.

And in realizing that our lives are a result of our choices, we are liberated because we realize we are infinitely powerful creators. We are the mapmakers of our path. The painters of a blank canvas given to us each day.