Tuesday, 7 June 2016

5 Ways You're Here to Kick Ass and Be Enough

One of the biggest lessons I learned while on my most recent trips abroad in Southeast Asia for two months is that we are not here to play small.

When was the last time you did something that completely took you out of your comfort zone?

Sometimes we get caught up in our routines and pleasing other people more than doing all the things that set our hearts on fire.

Traveling in Thailand and Vietnam gave me gifts that being comfortable could never provide. 
A higher tolerance for the unknown and more faith in myself and my ability. This was big.

It was when I found myself on my own, seeing different places and meeting different people each day while facing my own strengths and struggles that I realized it didn't matter what the world put in my path, because I would handle it every time. And I did. I learned to trust myself by seeing, through hands on experience, that I could handle the challenges where I previously had doubt about.

So why did you come here to kick some ass?

We don't know what we are capable of doing, until we try. And this goes for each one of us. For whatever reason, we all have limitations and stories around what we can't do or what we are not worthy of. The amount of human potential, power and badassery within each one of us is seriously limitless. Give er' a go.

Doing scary shit is how we grow.
I remember being in a hostel in Bangkok watching the TED talk "100 Days Without Fear". Michelle, the speaker talks about how each day, for 100 days, she did something she was scared of. And what happened? Growth. Power. Overcoming perceived obstacles.
If your sweating, your knees are shaking and you feel both afraid and excited about it, it means you need to go do it.

In the beginning of this past May, I ended my backpacking trip with a hike up the tallest mountain I've climbed so far. 10,310 feet. Holy shit. What was I thinking?
Fansipan mountain is located in the northernmost bit of Vietnam, and sits as the tallest peak in Indochina. (comprised of Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam)
Deep down, I knew it was doable, but I struggled to trust that I would have the physical and mental strength among a group of mostly Vietnamese hikers. It was cold, my body hurt and we stayed halfway up the mountain overnight through the craziest thunderstorm I've ever experienced while rain came in through the roof in the tin cabins we slept in to wake up at 3am for the final climb to the peak. Challenging? Yes. 
Worth it? 100%.
Most of us, if granted we give ourselves the permission to risk, desire adventures. Maybe we each have our own definition of what that means, but the desire to go beyond exists in all of us, I believe.
Listen to your call for adventure.  

We are each worthy of all the experiences we desire and crave. Period. Not if or when, but now. Just as you are. You are enough to go for it, be it, receive it, ask for it. 

Because at the end of the day, the point of everything is love. It's to do what you love, fall in love and infuse the love we have within us into everything we do and say.