Wednesday, 27 January 2016

On Life-Changing Habits, Being Brave and Staying Strong. Yes you, the one who is reading this.
You are loved.
You are so strong.
You are worthy.
No matter what.

Today is #BellLetsTalk day, where there has been a huge surge of conversation around mental health to allow us to move past the stigma. It filled me with such strength to see people posting their stories of strength and struggle on Facebook. I am deeply moved and am more inspired than ever to continue making a difference in this world, connecting authentically and becoming a stronger version of myself so I can inspire others to do the same.

Life isn't always easy. I've had my own struggles with mental health. I've had ups and downs. I've fallen down and gotten back up.
More real.
More powerful.
And more able to connect and own my story with each step.

But I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for the friends and people in my life who have supported me along my journey. My therapist, coach and mentors. Resourceful, positive and supportive individuals who have been there and loved and accepted me unconditionally. I am so grateful.

If my struggle has taught me one thing, it's that asking for help is never weakness.
It's courage.
It's strength.
Asking for help may just as well be the most powerful step we take to stand up for ourselves and claim our unconditional self worth.
We are here on this earth to love and support each other.
This is why we are here. With each day I become more and more certain about this truth.

When we choose to ask for help from the people who support us in becoming our strongest selves, we feel seen and heard and everyone deserves to feel seen and heard.
You deserve it.

Asking for help is one habit that supports all others.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Life is Too Short to Ignore Love
After a recent breakup that really opened up my eyes to how big love really is, I felt the need to share these words with you.

Love has no limit unless we put one on it
But if we don't,
The world will open right up
The Universe will hear our wild call and give us what our soul has been seeking
But will you listen?
Of course you will, dammit

I've ignored it before, but not this time
This time is too real to walk away
Too raw
Too much of pure magic
Even though I knew it would hurt from the beginning

I felt your soul wanted mine
So I surrendered to my ecstasy

Now, looking back with tear stained cheeks
There is not one moment I would take back
Every call to embrace vulnerability I took eagerly
And with glistening eyes I sit in gratitude
To know the experience that makes us feel most alive

Friday, 8 January 2016

Where You Are Now Is Okay you are right now is right where you need to be. There is a reason why you are here and lessons to be learned in this present moment experience, whatever you are experiencing. This, right here and now is where your magic lies.

Being where you are now fully is how you will get to where you want to go.

Clarity hit me like a bullet today as I experienced one of those moments where everything makes sense and comes full circle.

I am planning a trip to Thailand this March and it made me realize how valuable every step has been on my journey this past year, including the not-so-high-flying ones. Each step has been necessary for me to become a stronger version of myself and get to where I am now. Thailand is the icing on the cake, but the work I've done consistently over this year is what makes me who I am today.
Thailand, of course, is just going to add that much more badassery.

I needed to open up to every part of my journey this year to appreciate the big things. I needed to open up to the healing to find the love. I needed to love the sadness to get to the joy. I needed to love the shitty days and what they are there to teach me in order to be at peace.  I needed to embrace the chaos to find understanding. I needed to love myself in the times I fell apart to love myself in the times when I have it together.

We must patiently honor every step of our journey. Each experience we have prepares us for the next one if we stop and allow ourselves to see that where we are now is not wrong or bad just because we aren't as far ahead as we expected. This is part of the path. Right now. Trust it. Where you are is okay and necessary. It's here to teach you, heal you and open you up.

Be ambitious, keep moving. Be bold. But also appreciate all the spaces in between. Life happens in any moment we choose to open up to it.
Yes, it will all make sense. And it does. But we don't need to beat ourselves up in the moments when it doesn't. The Universe has your back and everything comes full circle.

So perhaps we need to love ourselves even more in those moments of chaos and uncertainty. Those moments are perhaps more important. They are the times that make us stronger. They make the good times and success mean more.

As we venture into 2016, let us remember that this moment right now is happening for a reason. It is here to show us something and prepare us for what's next. It's part of our success and we need to be here right now for the rest to make sense.