Monday, 8 September 2014

Get Naked. Take off your clothes.
All of them.
Allow yourself to cry.
Let go.
Be wierd.

Getting naked means so many things to me. There's getting naked in our body and there's also getting naked with our soul, our heart.

When we choose to get naked, we choose to open up to our truth, to feel fully and embrace each experience wholeheartedly. 

We choose to be full a full expression of who we really are. To show up and allow ourselves to be seen.

I write and talk a lot about embracing our true selves emotionally, allowing ourselves to feel and listening to our heart.

Feeling is also in the body. Our emotion is not only felt in our heart, but throughout our whole body. 

Our body is the real vehicle we use to move through our lives. And I have found that a huge part of becoming comfortable in it is through practicing self care and self love, and learning to see our beauty.

We are here to celebrate our bodies, to celebrate every curve and inch of skin.

We are here to come alive- through self care and the way we treat ourselves and through the intimacy we share and express with others.

When we become comfortable in our own skin, when we do the things that feel good- we move past judgement and embrace imperfection. We are naturally so much more comfortable and expressive with others when we love ourselves. Unconditionally. In all our raw, naked and imperfect beauty.

When we focus less on the external and more on how we feel inside, in our own skin, we really come alive. One thing that happened when I grew up was that I realized that trying to be perfect, to compare, to self judge and to strive to look a certain way for other people, is completely opposite to what what we do when we stop judging and start listening with self love.

You know what the self love record says? It says that we focus first on feeling good, on embracing our bodies and honoring them- for ourselves first. We let go of self judgement, of the stories that don't serve and then we share our love with the people who celebrate us for who we are.