Thursday, 26 July 2012


After deciding that you want an extraordinary life, tell yourself that you deserve that life. Tell yourself, "I deserve to live an extraordinary life." Realize that this life is real, and possible to achieve. I know this life is achievable because I have traveled the journey myself. I have dedicated much time to the pursuit of happiness and am now living a life more incredible than I could have ever imagined.

You have it all in you to create whatever it is that you want. You deserve to benefit from every drop that an extraordinary life has to offer- and trust me, there are millions of drops! Affirming that you deserve this kind of life is key because it puts you on the high vibration of it and you are essentially already syncing yourself with powerful energy.


Look yourself in the mirror and decide that you want to live an extraordinary life. Decide that this is the path you are dedicated to follow. Decide that you want to be around incredible people, see incredible places and feel incredible feelings. Decide that you want to feel the glory and limitless ecstasy of freedom and happiness. Proclaim it out loud, write it down or better yet, let your friends in on the scoop. You will be sure to make them intrigued!


Have you ever wondered why you are not attracting the life you want? Do you ever wish you could create a certain life but can't seem to get there? Do you want limitless freedom and happiness now? The ideal quality of life happens when our vibration is high. Raising your vibration attracts great people and opportunities and allows you to connect with what you truly want!  Just like changing your eating habits or starting up a new workout routine, elevating your vibration is a habit that requires some practice- but you can do it, starting now. Once you are consistently able to condition your mind to think certain thoughts, your emotions, actions and results will surely follow suit! Raising your vibration or, as you might say "optimizing your quality of life so you feel good every day" is the ultimate route to limitless happiness.

I have experienced being on a low vibration. It doesn't feel good. I felt out of control, unhappy, disconnected and energetic less. But I have learned the tools to take my life and vibration to the next level and I am here to share them with you right now! With each post, I will uncover and explain eight powerful strategies to transform the way you feel every day.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Living NOW, the life you want.
     I see lots of people doing things they don't enjoy or settling for a situation that is not making them happy. Whether it is your job, your living space, your friends, your boyfriend, or your self-care routine, it is vital that the choices you make contribute to your happiness. There was a time in my life when literally everything I was doing was not matching with the life I actually wanted. My mind, spirit and body were giving me signs for a long time that I was not happy, but it took a breakdown to make me realize that the life I was living was not working. For many years, I felt like I was living in a dream where I was completing daily actions of what I thought I "should" do or what other people expected of me instead of doing what I "felt" like doing. It makes sense that at that time, I felt utterly unreal, limited, weak and hopeless. I was afraid to venture into a life worth living and so I "postponed" my happiness. "If everyone around me is living this life that they seem to be enjoying it, why shouldn't I enjoy it too?", I told myself. I was afraid to leave this seemingly "perfect" life where everything "looked" great on the outside, but I felt disconnected on the inside. I was afraid that if I left everything that I had, there would be nothing else to discover. But I was wrong. The life I now lead is far more abundant and filled with opportunity, connectedness, happiness and freedom than it has ever been and I look forward to the abundance that the universe will continue to give me. Two years ago, when I thought my life to be over, it was actually only the beginning.
     One by one, I stopped doing each thing that made me feel miserable. I changed schools. I changed the people who surrounded me. I searched for the support system that would most benefit me. I fully ventured into a spiritual journey that would provide me with the tools that I needed to create the life of my dreams.  I addressed the reality of my unhappiness in order to realize that the life I was living was not "perfect" and was not benefiting me. I started looking for resources- books, blogs, people, websites, places, environments- that would help me to achieve the life that would feel real and fulfilling. I then saw how many people share the vision of life that I have nurtured in the past two years. For a while there was confusion and chaos, as I persevered to push the boundaries that I was living in for so long. But with support and an internal guidance system, I started believing that I would live an extraordinary life. I shifted my perspective and followed my instincts and heart to the life that I now live- a life that provides me with limitless opportunity to experience adventure, happiness, freedom, ecstasy, connection, spirituality, togetherness, peace and success.
     So my message to you is this: Pursue the life that brings you happiness and freedom. If something is not working or making you unhappy, change it. Change it NOW. Life is too short to spend time "trying" to make something work that isn't. Connect with the people, environments, work and resources that align with your true desires. Aim to take consistent action to achieve the things you truly want. Aim to bring as much happiness into each moment that you breathe and live as you possibly can. Take the risk because it is worth it. The time is NOW to live the life you want.

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