Monday, 30 December 2013

We are Mapmakers of our Destiny"We become what we think about most of the time."

I have realized that it is our everyday choices that make up who we are. What we choose to do every day, how we choose to think and the people we choose to surround ourselves with.

The amazing thing is that we have this power of choice. When we live our lives in mindfulness and with an open mind to experience and grow, we know ourselves better. And by learning about ourselves through our experiences, we know how to better live. We know which choices serve our well-being.

We discover that which ignites our spirit. And then we learn to do more of this.

It is what we focus on most that we become. And what we focus on is our choice.

I've learned that the best practice for positive focus is gratitude. Gratitude is something we actively practice every day. By speaking it and we writing it down. We express our appreciation to the people around us. (There are many apps to download on your phone that allow to record thoughts of gratitude as they come up.)

Gratitude works magic. Why? Because the more we focus on the good in our lives, what we do have and what is working, the more we attract.

We often build stories in our minds of the future that focus on fear and what could happen- but really, the truth is that we don't know the future until we physically experience it. By moving with fear and using it as fuel, we free ourselves. We realize that fear is only a feeling, not a representation of the truth. The truth is in the now.

And the most beautiful thing about gratitude is that it brings us to the present moment- the most real, raw and free places that we will ever experience.



Friday, 27 December 2013

Trusting Our Instinct. many times we feel an instinct to do something and completely ignore it? We sometimes forget how precious our instinct is. Dead on. It tells us what we need to do, who to trust- a guidance system to decision-making if you ask me.

So let's learn to trust it. Why? Because our gut decisions lead to adventure, passion, excitement, freedom, the feeling of being insanely alive and simple awesomeness.

Often we know what we need, but we hesitate because we care too much about the opinions of others. We wait for reassurance, for other people to validate to us that our decision is right.

Let's refrain.

Through experience, I can wholeheartedly say that the best decisions are the ones that have come from my gut. The key is to resist the need to over-think, wait to take the action that we feel we need or let others convince us against the voice of our instinct.

Why we hesitate to trust our gut? Because our society these days teaches us to gain power and stability from the outside in, through external resources like other people's opinions and the things we own.

But really, true certainty, stability and consistency starts from the inside out. Gut decisions set a much firmer ground for powerful action, focus and receiving abundance that is in line with our needs and desires.

So we confidently make the decision that feels right- even if its not what others are doing. True friends will support us in following our unique path.

We simply decide and act in line with this decision.

It is better to make a decision, than stand in the middle wondering what the right decision is. Because there is no right or wrong.

"We make a decision and then we make it right."
- Elliot Hulse



Thursday, 26 December 2013

Hey! Do you have boundaries? boundaries and respecting them is an essential part of cultivating balance in our lives.

It preserves our energy. (not to mention sanity ) We feel better and we are better for the people around us. We are not resentful and we have much more to give because we come from a place of peace, clarity, groundedness and self respect.

We create space to create and for gratitude and joy to bloom. We cultivate our truest selves. Boundaries are actually building blocks to inspired action, focus and most of all, freedom. Ironic, but true. Hear me out.

When we create boundaries, we are actually acting out of self-compassion. We focus on doing what it takes to take care of ourselves first- and then are much more available to support and be there for others.

"Know thyself and you will know how to live."

Practicing boundary setting is in fact very similar to goal setting. Both practices require us to be in touch our needs and desires. And just as goal setting helps us focus on our priorities and sets the stage for action, boundary setting creates the space we need to focus on these goals and priorities.

Many of us are uncomfortable with boundaries because it means learning to say "no". We don't want to disappoint or hurt the people around us. But the truth is if we cannot cultivate the self-respect to communicate our needs, we are more prone to burnout and are less resourceful to ourselves and the people we love. When we people please or let people walk over us, we lose our sense of self and personal values. For what? It's not worth it.

At the end of the day we are stronger and more authentic role models and leaders when we stay true to ourselves. This means staying true to who we are, not who we should be or who others expect us to be.

The people who truly love and support us love us for who we are and part of growing into our strongest self is about discerning between what we want and what we don't want. When we are able to say no, we are really saying yes to what it is that we do want.

We practice setting boundaries with our time and energy. When we choose to take care of ourselves first, we can become our strongest selves and better help others. We also practice setting boundaries when we say no to negative people and environments, creating space for positive opportunities and abundance.

While setting boundaries may be challenging, its also completely worth it. A boundary is actually a path to freedom. Saying no to what doesn't work means creating space for that which does. Saying no to others expectations means the freedom to be who we are. Grounded, balanced, mindful and compassionate leaders and individuals.



Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Letting Go in the Face of Adversity bumped into a familiar face today- she also happened to be the manager who hired me at a job that didn't end up being what I was looking for. Nonetheless, she kindly asked me how things were going and I recounted the past few months in a short conversation- all the ups and downs. She exchanged a similar story.

And it really made me realize two things. That whatever we are going through, there are others going through the same thing. And also, that when we go through times of change, uncertainty and loss, we become stronger.

A breakup.

Losing a job.

These are all things that we all deal with throughout our lives. They test our courage, faith and persistence. But at the end of the day, we learn and become stronger. We ask for help, practice self care and connect with all the resources that support us in staying grounded- not to mention sane.

Times of change, adversity and loss can we quite emotional, making it sometimes hard for us to see past the emotion. Believe me, I know. At the beginning of a breakup we find ourselves thinking about the good things. The things that we miss.

But then we remind ourselves of why the relationship didn't work. And although our love may be more alive than ever, we learn to embrace change.

We remind ourselves that the only thing that is certain in life is that things will change and that by acknowledging and moving with this truth, we are living. Because to resist change is to resist life. 
When one door closes , another one opens. "often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” (Helen Keller)

So we learn to let go of the way we think things "should" be and our need to control - to allow change to naturally unfold. We stop resisting and start listening. We start seeing past our story- our assumptions, plans and exceptions.

We allow life to unfold and surprise us as we become more spontaneous and adventurous. As we let go of the limits that the stories we have told ourselves have created.

And although this may be a hard process, learning to let go, it is unbelievably worth it.

Because when we let go who we think we should be, this is when we allow ourselves to become who we truly are.