Friday, 27 December 2013

Trusting Our Instinct. many times we feel an instinct to do something and completely ignore it? We sometimes forget how precious our instinct is. Dead on. It tells us what we need to do, who to trust- a guidance system to decision-making if you ask me.

So let's learn to trust it. Why? Because our gut decisions lead to adventure, passion, excitement, freedom, the feeling of being insanely alive and simple awesomeness.

Often we know what we need, but we hesitate because we care too much about the opinions of others. We wait for reassurance, for other people to validate to us that our decision is right.

Let's refrain.

Through experience, I can wholeheartedly say that the best decisions are the ones that have come from my gut. The key is to resist the need to over-think, wait to take the action that we feel we need or let others convince us against the voice of our instinct.

Why we hesitate to trust our gut? Because our society these days teaches us to gain power and stability from the outside in, through external resources like other people's opinions and the things we own.

But really, true certainty, stability and consistency starts from the inside out. Gut decisions set a much firmer ground for powerful action, focus and receiving abundance that is in line with our needs and desires.

So we confidently make the decision that feels right- even if its not what others are doing. True friends will support us in following our unique path.

We simply decide and act in line with this decision.

It is better to make a decision, than stand in the middle wondering what the right decision is. Because there is no right or wrong.

"We make a decision and then we make it right."
- Elliot Hulse



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