Wednesday, 27 January 2016

On Life-Changing Habits, Being Brave and Staying Strong. Yes you, the one who is reading this.
You are loved.
You are so strong.
You are worthy.
No matter what.

Today is #BellLetsTalk day, where there has been a huge surge of conversation around mental health to allow us to move past the stigma. It filled me with such strength to see people posting their stories of strength and struggle on Facebook. I am deeply moved and am more inspired than ever to continue making a difference in this world, connecting authentically and becoming a stronger version of myself so I can inspire others to do the same.

Life isn't always easy. I've had my own struggles with mental health. I've had ups and downs. I've fallen down and gotten back up.
More real.
More powerful.
And more able to connect and own my story with each step.

But I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for the friends and people in my life who have supported me along my journey. My therapist, coach and mentors. Resourceful, positive and supportive individuals who have been there and loved and accepted me unconditionally. I am so grateful.

If my struggle has taught me one thing, it's that asking for help is never weakness.
It's courage.
It's strength.
Asking for help may just as well be the most powerful step we take to stand up for ourselves and claim our unconditional self worth.
We are here on this earth to love and support each other.
This is why we are here. With each day I become more and more certain about this truth.

When we choose to ask for help from the people who support us in becoming our strongest selves, we feel seen and heard and everyone deserves to feel seen and heard.
You deserve it.

Asking for help is one habit that supports all others.

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