Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Life is Too Short to Ignore Love
After a recent breakup that really opened up my eyes to how big love really is, I felt the need to share these words with you.

Love has no limit unless we put one on it
But if we don't,
The world will open right up
The Universe will hear our wild call and give us what our soul has been seeking
But will you listen?
Of course you will, dammit

I've ignored it before, but not this time
This time is too real to walk away
Too raw
Too much of pure magic
Even though I knew it would hurt from the beginning

I felt your soul wanted mine
So I surrendered to my ecstasy

Now, looking back with tear stained cheeks
There is not one moment I would take back
Every call to embrace vulnerability I took eagerly
And with glistening eyes I sit in gratitude
To know the experience that makes us feel most alive

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