Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Follow YOUR Path and Nothing Else

A Beautiful Path 
Over the past few weeks especially, I have realized the importance of what it means to stay true to myself. In order to become truly happy, we must trust in who we really are as individuals and act accordingly.

We must also trust that what we believe in is a reality that we can consciously create. We have the power to create that which we think about. Therefore, we must realize that our thoughts manifest into our physical reality.

We are what we believe in. We develop with experience and as we learn more about life, we are able to become who we really are, do what we really want to do.

What do you believe in? What are your values?

If you believe that a certain life, the life that you really want, is possible, then it is. We can only become that which we first believe.

 If we believe that we deserve to be around energized and supportive people, that we can have exciting travels and adventures in our lives, that we can become more spiritually, that we can be part of an inspiring community or project, then we are paving the path of possibility. By understanding that we can create that which we want and believing in it, we are taking the first step. Then, with consistent focus and effort, we can, one step at a time, create the life that frees us from all limits.

In order to be our happiest selves, it is important to make every choice in alignment with our beliefs. This means making every choice with awareness and making sure each choice is in sync with what we believe to be true.



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