Tuesday, 1 January 2013

What do You Want More of This Year?


 With 2013 rolling in, we take the time to reflect upon the past year and all the experiences that it brought to us. We learned more about ourselves and about what we want. Perhaps we had moments of utmost clarity where we realized what it is that ignites our spark and really makes us happy. In any case, we all grow with time. 2012 has without a doubt made us stronger and wiser individuals.

As the new year presents us with its time, we must really become in touch with our hearts. See what it is that we really need and stretch our intuitive muscles. 2013 will be a new year of new experiences to add to what we already know. We must enter it with awareness. It is about beginning new habits, or better yet, strengthening the ones that are already serving us and receiving the necessary support to do so.

As I look back to 2012, I realize how much I have learned, throughout both the joyful and challenging times. I learned how to ask for the support I need, to love myself and be grateful for the amazing people in my life. I learned to trust my gut and be in the moment. I learned to set limits on what was not serving me and I learned to love the journey of learning.  And most importantly, I learned to express what I have learned in many ways, including through this blog!

After reflecting on what I have learned and consciously focusing on that which has brought me happiness and fulfillment, I aim to strengthen that which I know. To strengthen my life philosophy and belief system that has brought me so much happiness.

And this means to continue to be open to all the opportunities that life presents to us.  To stare down fear and have the courage to venture into uncertainty with our intuition for guidance. To be open to trying new things, seeing new places and most importantly, meeting new people. To learn more from these people and gain perspective. 2013 is about letting down our guard and embracing vulnerability. It is about letting go of judgement and the need to be perfect, the need to explain ourselves to people who aren't supportive and the need to please others. 

2013 is about taking risks and being honest with ourselves and others about how we really feel. It is about connecting with our deepest core and with others on the basis of truth. This year is about allowing our creativity to flow, celebrating our achievements and the achievements of others. It is about releasing negativity and cleansing our lives from anything that is toxic. 2013 is about letting go of our need to rationalize our every action because some things we do simply because it feels right. It is about finding time to let loose and be silly, while maintaining focus on the goals we want to achieve and planning the consistent action we will need to achieve them. 2013 is about taking action.

And finally, 2013 is about being open to love without fear of getting hurt, to feeling its explainable power and to expressing the love we have within us.

Many blessings,


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