Sunday, 27 January 2013

Why the Rush?
Oftentimes we become too attached to following a certain plan in life. To doing things in a certain order and finishing them by a certain deadline. First we must go to school, then go to a good university, then settle down and have a family. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with this plan. However, it isn't a formula that works for everyone. As the famous phrase says, "each to their own."

There is truth to this statement. We make plans for our lives or we expect things to flow in a certain order. But the reality is that sometimes things change, and "forcing" the plan we originally had is like banging on a door that refuses to open. Sometimes when life throws upon us unexpected events, we must take a step back and change our plan- do what works best for the current situation that we are in. We must re-evaluate our needs and priorities.

And the difficult and often frustrating thing is in seeing how we have to "change" our plan and follow a different path than many others around us. We are tempted to compare our lives to others who "seem" to be doing the "normal thing." We may feel outcast because we are not doing what most people are doing- and this can be a discouraging feeling.

 But one thing that is important to remember is this: just because you are doing something different, it doesn't mean that what you are doing is worth less. Actually, the contrary could be the case- because you are doing what is right for you, you may be especially focused and dedicated- this adds worth to your life.

So let us not compare because it does absolutely no good. Let us simply do what makes us happy- what is best for us, simply said. And it may be hard, it may be lonely, but with support, perseverance and an open mind, we find the people we need along our path.



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