Wednesday, 9 January 2013

What I Learned About Becoming an Adult (So Far!)
I used to think that becoming an adult was all about having more responsibilities and facing more hardship. However, in the past three years, I have been presented with many challenges and come to the conclusion that: if we see each challenge as an experience that we can learn from to better understand ourselves and the people around us, then life only becomes better with each challenge. It is not pain that will destroy us, but the way in which we deal with pain and other events that cause us suffering. This is a much more inspiring perspective of looking at things- with this understanding, we can let go of our fear and face life's challenges AND joys with an open heart- all experiences are of value. Whether they are teaching us about what we do want or about what we do not want, therefore providing useful contrast, every experience is of value. We need not be so scared to face the "real world" because everything in it, once experienced, will shape us into our best selves. We simply need to trust ourselves in this process, that we can handle what comes our way!

When it really dawned on me that our fears in life aren't really as bad as we expect them to be, I started taking more risks. I came to understand the power of vulnerability, when we put ourselves out there in all of our imperfection, without letting the fear of being judged be a limitation.
I developed a thirst for experiences that would inspire me and a desire to learn from people who have found fulfillment in their own experiences. I filled up my schedule with activities that put me out of my comfort zone, things to do that would challenge me and that I could learn from. This was the first time in my life that I felt I was actually living- and this is all because I was learning about the value of experiencing something physically, rather than just imagining it. 
After some time, I also realized that doing a lot can become tiring. We need time to rest, recharge and reflect. Time to let loose, do nothing, and be silly. I learned the meaning of balance. How important this becomes when we want to be independent. We must know ourselves, our needs, when to take action and when to rest. We must maintain an awareness of our physical and emotional state, how we feel, so as to create more balance and less of any extreme.

Becoming an adult teaches us about relationships and love. At the same time that we grow independently, we also grow together. And with all this being said, let us remember that being an adult doesn't mean that we can't still be a kid!



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