Friday, 4 January 2013

On the Verge of Change
 Sometimes we wake up in the morning and we feel a mess. We feel like we are falling apart, and miss out on noticing the positive things in our life. Instead, we get overwhelmed by everything, without realizing that what is actually wrong is not as bad as we think. It's just everything together- all the commitments, desires, efforts and challenges put together overwhelm us.
At this very moment, there is a need for some clarity that we can give to ourselves. First of all, we can focus on and identify the positive things- supportive people, the job we have, the space we live in, the opportunities we get and so on.

Then, instead of becoming victim to fear and overwhelm, we can notice if our fears or worries are even real. Yes, we all have problems and these can and need to be faced with the right support, but there are also fears that exist merely as fears. We must actively focus on changing that which can be changed, accepting those things that cannot, and most importantly, telling ourselves that some of our fears are just fear talking- instead of becoming overwhelmed, actively dissect a fear- you will realize that it is nothing more than an inaccurate assumption of what will happen in the future. Fears never actualize in the future as we expect them to.

And with this mind frame, know that the way we react to fear is the key. Instead of becoming victim to it, we can actually use it as a tool to drive our action. We can stare it down and realize that it is not going to stop us from doing what we want, taking risks and making the changes we need to.



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