Friday, 11 January 2013

Why We Hesitate to Follow Our Gut

Have you ever felt an instinct to do something? A spontaneous desire to talk to someone or go somewhere? What we often think as a random impulse is usually our gut talking to us. We don't spend enough time listening to that small but insistent voice that will guide us to all that we want and need.

 Why do we stop ourselves from following our instincts? One of the reasons is because doing something new or different often involves some form of  risk- we fear the unknown. We would rather do what we are accustomed to because the results are predictable. But as soon as we shut down the fear, we also shut down another opportunity.

We assume the result, we rationalize, creating an elaborate story, adding all the details before we have even taken action. The truth is that we can never guess an outcome of our actions until we have actually given them a shot. And 99% of the time, the fears we have and the assumptions we make don't actualize- they are just our thoughts and a perspective skewed by fear.

Coming into the new year, let us allow our gut to have some of the spotlight. Our time is precious- let us move with it towards excitement by taking more risks and following our instincts.



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