Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Instant Calm: Take A Bath!
  If you haven't taken a bath in the past week, you might want to reconsider. Bath time is crucial for relaxation and maintaining overall balance in your life. I swear by the bath, I could write a whole book about the benefits of taking a bath and all the things you can do during bath time. Setting aside 20 mins-1 hour for a bath might just be the worthwhile investment that improves the way you feel every day. It is inexpensive and easy- find the time and I guarantee your success.

Taking a bath will provide you will the following benefits:
1 A relaxed and renewed body and mind

2 A chance to connect with your spiritual self as you nurture your body, mind and soul

3 The opportunity to stop for a moment and reflect on your life: are there certain needs that you have neglected to take care of? Do you feel supported? Are you supporting and nurturing yourself?

4 A fun, peaceful, nourishing, fulfilling and perhaps adventurous time!

And on one cautionary note: You might want to set an alarm or maintain awareness throughout your bath so as to not fall asleep from feeling so happy and relaxed!

My recommendation of bubble bath:  Ombra Foam Bath

Having a few candles is imperative for your bath (for people with low bath budgets, dollar store candles will do. And for those who are willing to invest a few more bath bucks, head over to Winners or Michaels for bigger, scented candles)

As I said, I could write a whole book about all the things you can do during a bath- the list is endless. (This is why I received numerous bottles of bubble bath for my birthday) Here are my favorites:

1 Listen to Music and Meditate on the Breath

Putting these three things together is a combination destined for wellness! Calming instrumental or vocal music is the best ( Classical music is great. I also love Enya, a very calming vibe that will bring you closer to your spiritual self)

2 Read a Book...or Write One!

Pull out your favorite book or magazine or print an article from the internet that you would enjoy reading. Or, pick up your journal and start a book of your own! (Be careful with the candles, as you will need to bring them closer to you. If anything, they will just fall into the water)

3 Eat and Drink

Bring the dinner, wine and cookies over to the bath and experience something new- simply said. Anything you normally eat can be transported to the bath environment.



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