Monday, 19 November 2012

Express Yourself!

I think that too often we keep our thoughts and emotions to ourselves. Weather we are going through a challenging time where the emotion is deep and painful or a happy time where the emotion is exhilarating, expressing that emotion will make it feel real. Remember, all emotions are beautiful and expressing them for what they are will allow you to experience their natural cycle. Two important things to know. When you express yourself:

1 Challenging emotion will be released: expressing pain, anger and sadness is the best way to let it be released, take its natural course and pass.
2 Positive emotion will be amplified: who doesn't want to feel the ecstasy of an orgasm amplified? In this case, when you express yourself vocally or have a more open and honest connection with your partner, you will feel free and there is nothing to hold back - you are allowing your mind and body to be fully present in the experience.

Now you may be wondering about the specific forms in which you can express yourself. Here are 7:

1 Tell Somone

Call up, text, email or meet with a friend or someone who you know will encourage and support you no matter what it is you are going through. Have a heart-to-heart and tell them what's really going on!

2 Take a Video or Picture

So you are taking a walk and you come across some beautiful trees. Breathe in the beauty and before the moment passes, capture it. Take a photo or video.

3 Write

Write a song or poem, start a blog or simply keep a personal journal. (Indigo sells lovely journals) Inject your writing with your pain, happiness, anger or joy- whatever emotion is present.

Be Spontaneous!

Do something without thinking, do it from the heart. Tell someone you care about how you really feel about them. Dance in the shower. Scream on a mountain. Walk around your house naked. Wear a cowboy hat next time you clean your room. Whatever it is, be YOU and express what is real.



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