Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Art of Self-Compassion

Sometimes when we need it the most, we forget to take care of ourselves. There is a time for everything- to be busy and then there is a time to quiet the mind and free the spirit. It's okay to take a break and practice loving ourselves.

Hard times are the best times to take care of ourselves. Instead of punishing ourselves for not being able to deal with challenges as we expect to, lets inject some self love.

1 Just Breathe

Oxygen is a basic need. It is essential to our survival and it is also free! Practicing breathing deeply can go a long way. Try lying down on the solid ground with a candle burning and the lights down.

2 Lean on Friends for Support

Isolating ourselves during challenging times may be what we want to do- get away from the world so to speak. But is is important to participate, act and reach out for support. Encouragement and kind words from good friends is something I feel very blessed to have. Sometimes we get caught up in thinking that we are a burden to others by asking for help. But it is actually the other way around- good friends are glad to help. We create stories in our minds about what people think about us when really, people are mostly thinking about themselves!

3 Cherish Today

Live for the moment. Practice mindfulness. (Here is a link to my article on mindfulness:
Use your senses to experience the world, observe beauty and give the analytical mind a break.

4 It's Okay to be Okay

Nobody is perfect. We are not superheros. We don't feel ecstatically happy all the time and feeling okay is okay! The truth is that all emotions are beautiful, including sadness and anger. Sometimes we need to embrace the lows to have the highs.

5 Everything Always Works Out: Trust the Process

Call it the work of God or some other spiritual means, there is an explainable way that things work out at the end of the day. Trust that you are exactly where you need to be. Embrace the beauty of whatever you are going through and let nature do its work.

6  Take Relaxing Seriously

When you relax, fully commit to relaxing- simply stated. This way, your body, mind and spirit will benefit the most.

7 Put a Stop to Self-Judegment

Many of us are super hard on ourselves in a negative way.  This doesn't help, especially during a challenging time.  And there is no "right way" to be or act. Also, we often think that others are judging us. And maybe some people are- but who cares about these people! Our true friends don't judge. So act with the fear or whatever internal chaos is present, knowing that there is no "right way" to feel and participate in life! Don't hold back.



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