Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Take Some Time to Let Loose!
As we grow older and the responsibilities in our lives pile up, we sometimes forget to simply play. To be silly and thoughtless. Even though I am a firm believer in setting goals and planning for the future, I also think its important to savor the moment. Savoring the moment means being spontaneous and listening to our inner voice that sometimes just wants to be a kid and play. It is important to make conscious decisions and take consistent actions towards our goals, but doing this ALL the time can become exhausting. The truth is that we need everything- we need to do things that bring meaning and purpose into our lives as well as doing the things just for the sake of doing them- because we can and because we feel like doing them in the moment. All of this can be summed up in one word- balance. Here are some of the specific ways in which we can add some playtime into our daily lives and achieve balance:

1 Laugh 45 minutes every day!

As I think about the importance of daily laughter, I think back to my first blog post, "The Power of Laughter".( Now I realize why I felt so inclined to write my first post about laughter- it is a powerful and life-changing thing. The benefits of laughter are strikingly similar to those of a daily workout- more energy, a more positive outlook on life, increased confidence and creativity and a stronger core. So read some jokes, make ridiculous facial expressions, freak people out as you question your sanity and spend time with people who make you laugh and realize that life doesn't have to be taken so seriously!

2 Be Mindless

Being mindless means giving our over-active brains a break. Remember when someone told you to "just lose yourself" in the music? Well this phrase refers to just that. Our rational minds help us make sense of things, but great things are also realized through connecting to our hearts.  We often doubt the voice of the heart, that tells us to do things that we feel like doing. We want to reason our actions before they are done, but let me tell you, sometimes we realize why we did what we did after. And sometimes there doesn't need to be a reason- let yourself play simply because it feels good! 

 Run around your house naked, listen to an upbeat song and let your body go wild (I love Scatman,, call a friend to simply hear their voice and ask them about their day, send a dirty text to someone you like, play an instrument, sing a song, plan a last minute trip, bang some pots and pans, dress up, waste some money, take a bubble bath, cry about something that has been eating away at your soul and release that emotion once and for all, buy an instrument and play it, grow your hair, cut your hair, have sex, paint something, scream- the list goes on.

3 Don't be so hard on yourself!

Give yourself a chance to be imperfect and make mistakes.  Give yourself permission to not try so hard, to let go of the person you think you "should" be. Wear red pants, talk to strangers, eat some cake, watch a stupid movie, slouch, kick your feet up- whatever  your version of "imperfect" is. Allow yourself to be silly and let go of doing everything "the right way" all the time. And for the record, there is not "right" way to do things- this is your life and you decide what is right for YOU.



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