Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Art of Non-Attachment year I really had the space to grow spiritually. And what Ive realized is that by taking the time to look within through reflection, and practicing yoga and meditation, we are challenged to face our true selves.

In times of practicing mindfulness (focusing our awareness on the present moment), we are challenged to explore ourselves. To check in with how we really feel and acknowledge what we find by doing this.

And this is good.

Through practicing mindfulness in class (yoga, meditation) as well as throughout my daily experience, by connecting with my breath, I realized what non-attachement means. It was through my experience that the preconceived notions I had dissipated and I found true meaning.

I opened my mind.

When we hear non-attachment, we may think uncaring or disconnected, but in fact, it is quite the opposite. 

Non-attachment is about allowing our truth to be expressed, without creating a story about what we are experiencing. It means being aware of the present moment without judgement. There is no right way to be, simply who we are.

We let go of labels and what other people think to give ourselves permission to express ourselves fully and authentically. We simply create space for what is.

We free ourselves.



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