Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Purpose: We Are Here to Connect. Period. after yoga, I connected with a friend where our conversation resonated on so many notes. It was so satisfying. As I left and got myself a coffee, while writing, I connected so powerfully with the truth that we are here to connect. Period. According to research and the work of Brene Brown, who I deeply respect, we are neurologically, biologically and physically wired for connection.

Whether it is a friend who just "gets it", a mentor who inspires us to live our dream, a spontaneous meeting with a stranger who reminds us that life is short and we need to spend it making the most positive impact that we possibly can. Or with a man or woman who we find that fire with.

Soulful connections. Nourishing encounters. Connection is what brings purpose and meaning to our lives. It's about we, not me. Of course the work starts from within, but it is actually through this process that we realize that its the simple things that matter. That hug. That cup of tea. That friend who was there when we broke down.

Life is all about relationships and I've realized that the greatest work we will ever do is to find the patience, compassion and courage to cultivate them. With friends, with a partner, with ourselves, and in our work with our team and the people whose lives we affect in how we serve the world. These relationships shape our world.

So this is my call for action. Be the love that you are. And if you're hurting, let yourself feel it. Be angry, be sad, love your sadness, but keep your heart open. The world needs your love. Love is why we're here. It's our most fundamental energy, the power within us and where we shine. When we give love, we become open to receive it. There are times when I wanted to close up- one situation, one person and I wanted to close shop. Beat vulnerability to the punch and be too busy for it to catch up with me. But this wouldn't last long- its so much more exhausting to resist. When we stop fighting, we allow love into our lives.

Wherever we come from, whatever our past, love is always here. It's in us and limitless. It's who we are. Love always loves you. Sometimes its less about "finding" love and more about removing all the blocks we have set up against it. 

So this is me standing for love. Even if it hurts. Even though its hard even admitting all of this now. Because truth sometimes hurts. But it's real and we are here to be real, express and experience raw, soulful connection with everyone around us.

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