Thursday, 28 May 2015

A Poem for Free Spirits is for those of you who want to be free
Who crave it and relish in it,

This is for those of you who need to break the rules and set boundaries,
Who need to quit the job that isn't working and admit to what needs to change,
Who need travel more than once a year and to go to places where the heart calls upon,

This is for those who seek passion and aren't afraid to ignite their fire and seek other beings whose fire matches theirs.

In the name of sharing love, the Universe expects you to grow, shine and express your spirit in every way possible,

You are here to inspire and be the light that you are,
So be wild and dance in raw vibrations,
You are here to sing a new song and lay in rugged pathways under the burning sun,
You are here to love and be love,

You are,
So be.

This is for you, you free, wild spirit,
Stay free in all your glory and keep opening sunlit pathways with your essence,
It is why you are here and where you breathe.

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