Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Follow Your Heart and it Will Lead You to Ecstasy

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/a5/53/bc/a553bce95806ee4660f5c2ef0cca540d.jpgStop for a moment. Or two. Just stop everything and stretch beyond your daily routine. You are more than your job. More than your circumstances. You are pure energy. You are pure ecstatic energy and love. Yes, you are love. And that love comes from within.

Do you feel the beat? Do you hear the voice? Are you listening?

Sometimes its only in moments of stillness that we find the quiet whisper of our heart.

It speaks to us in vibrations of love. It tells us what our dreams are, makes us realize that we need to get up and go make them happen, and it stares us straight in our soul to tell us what we need to let go of. Because that shit is too heavy to keep around.

It tells us what we need to face. Where we need to heal. And trust me, sometimes being in stillness forces us to see the messy bits, the painful bits and the bits that hurt like hell. But when we can practice the courage to be with those bits, love them and move through them, we are truly free. Its when we practice the courage to surrender to our truth and let go that we realize is ain't so bad. When we are able to be okay with what comes up from inside, we are able to truly heal, move past and let go.
All the answers we are looking for lie within. It's really just a matter of taking the time to slow down and open up. I literally create space in my schedule where nothing is planned. Time to embrace uncertainty and allow truth to come up. If we are constantly in "making things happen" mode, our truth can't catch up with us. It's in moments of freedom, space and uncertainty that we receive.

Finding balance in our life demands that we create space for both certainty, planning and goals as well as uncertainty. The two actually compliment each other. We need to slow down to find our truth, re calibrate, reconnect, disconnect from the voices around us to hear our call for adventure. And then we need the action and planning to make the adventure happen. The best adventures are the callings from our heart. So let's begin this one.

Are you ready?

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