Monday, 8 December 2014

What is Our Sexual Energy? week I wrote my first blog post on the topic of sexuality. It felt bold and also a conversation I think we need to have. Our sexuality is something to fully embrace, and really a part of our being.

I talked about how our sexuality is expansive and so much more than just sex.

I want to push this topic further and say that our sexuality is not only experienced with a partner, but more importantly within ourselves; and channeled in so many different ways. The more we can embrace the sexual energy within ourselves as a beautiful part of our ever-evolving presence in this world, the more we can navigate our lives from a point of awareness, giving and receiving in a way that supports our personal growth.

I've really come to believe that to think that our sexuality is only reserved for the bedroom is marbles! If its in us, its in us all the time.

It's passion, love and excitement. It's courage and compassion. It's understanding and exploration. It's our life force, our breath. I talk so much about how our sense of aliveness and presence is something we experience in our body. Its the same with our sexuality.
It's something we feel.
It's a sensation.
It's our happiness.
It's our freedom.
It's self expression and creative energy.

Passion, love and creativity are definitely forces that span our whole life experience and everything we do.

We can really feel empowered when we come to see sexuality in this perspective. Any sensual (relating to the senses) experience can be described as also being sexual. The excitement of travel, the enjoyment of good food, the feeling after a run, listening to beautiful music. Looking back at history, we really embraced our sexuality in art and life; people were very free with it. No shame! And now, porn exaggerates it and the media skews it, putting unnecessary pressures and ideas of what is right and wrong. The hookup culture speaks louder than ever in some ways that can truly fuck up self worth. Yet, sexuality is losing its respect and ability to grow.

Its such a multidimensional piece of our being and life experience. To embrace it means to allow it gentle space to complement love, passion and excitement, to fuel our ambition, and to feel it in every cell of our body within our own life and when sharing it with others. 

My purpose here is simply to create space for expansion and personal growth, to offer a different perspective than what we see in porn or in the media. That's it, simply. Exploring this topic has been an interest our mine, not to claim my view as right, but to offer a way of seeing our sexuality that doesn't involve comparison, judgement, preconceived notions or shame. 

We are not going to stop having sexual experiences, it's a part of life. Literally! But on our journey of growth and exploration, we can shift the way we see our sexuality so that it becomes a sacred part of our experience that we fully embrace in the name of worthiness, compassion and adventure.

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