Wednesday, 3 December 2014

What is Faith? I write about faith.

The faith that takes pure courage and guts.

The faith we cultivate in moments of fear and uncertainty.

Often at work, I write down my ideas on tiny pieces of paper and keep them shoved in my pockets. Sometimes by the end of my shift, I end up with five beautiful pieces of paper, totally scribbled on with words of inspiration. The other day, I found myself jotting down my intuition-filled ideas about what faith really is.

Yes, "Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase." (Martin Luther King Jr.)

But faith is so much more.

It's believing in what has yet to happen and expecting the best. Even though it hasn't physically happened yet.

Its believing that the tide will turn, seasons will change and tough times don't last- when we allow ourselves to move through them with love and support.

Faith is having the courage to know our own strength, as individuals and more importantly when we come together. It's knowing that because we are here and we are alive, our whole life force is on our side. 

Faith says things like "You've always figured it out, its always made you stronger and there's all the evidence you need that you can handle whatever comes your way."

Faith is the courage to embrace uncertainty. To find gratitude and appreciation in what we have now, without allowing our story of what "might" happen, take our presence away from the here and now.

Faith is magic and mystery. And it is pure surrender. Because when we believe in ourselves and in the power of the universe to align with us and support our success and happiness, we can relax and be present.

We just know that everything will always be okay.

We realize that fear is just a story and that yes, we can have goals and plans, actions to take and results to aim for, but there is still uncertainty. And that is what makes life beautiful.

We need the adventure. As a matter of fact, we crave it.

The adventure also requires us to have faith. Radical, radical faith. Because in fully experiencing this adventure of life and following our heart and intuition, there are going to be uncertain times where we will just have to stop, breathe, and be exactly where we are, knowing that that is enough. We are enough right now. 

The most powerful truth is what we experience now, in our bodies, in this present moment of breathing and being alive. That is our greatest point of attraction and ground.

This is where faith starts, grows and never ends.

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