Saturday, 18 May 2013

When Times Get Tough, Stay Connected.
The past few months have been a time of great change in my life. I have learned to find balance in times of chaos. Change is uncomfortable and we often do not see that most of the changes we make in our lives have positive intention. Because change can be so overwhelming and draining, we do not see the benefit until things have settled.

Some changes involve letting go of comforts we held on to for too long- a relationship we thought would work out, a job that no longer gives us what we need. We let go of what we know because it doesn't make us happy and if we don't try something else, we may never know what will. We step into uncertainty with courage.

When we feel overwhelmed, we often feel a need to escape, to get away. "How will I possibly be able to handle all of this?" we ask ourselves.

And instead of expressing how we feel and asking for help, we keep our emotion bottled up.

What I have learned is that it is during this specific time of feeling overwhelmed that we must have the courage to face, open up and be open to receive support and connect.

Maybe we were conditioned in the past that being a "fighter" is the right way. That we must push ourselves to fight through our struggles on our own. I can say that this way of being is wrong. Why is it wrong? Because it simply doesn't feel good.  

Feeling alone therefore can be directly caused by our beliefs around how we should react to life's
events. We may isolate because we feel it wrong to express our emotion and allow the world to see our most authentic selves. That crying, showing vulnerability, is a sign of weakness.

But really, our power lies in our vulnerability. There is nothing more powerful that allowing our truth to be expressed and shared.

So let us open up to each other as our most authentic selves. We were put here on this earth together for a reason. To connect with each other and create on this basis.


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