Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Are You Being YOU? - Live Your Truth.

We have all worn masks. Some masks are heavier and some not so. Whether we are in a job that we hate and we pretend to like it, or we are simply smiling our way through a rough day, we are still wearing a mask. Some masks are temporary and some are not. Its the ones we wear without awareness, the ones that we mistake for truth, the ones that we allow to become our reality that make us feel unhappy and stuck. These masks stop us from becoming more of who we truly are and embracing the changes that will allow this to happen.

The heavier the mask, the more energy we waste. And the more energy we are putting into being someone we are not, the less energy we have to be who we truly are.

When we wear a mask, what we are really experiencing is misalignment between our external and internal world. The things we say and the way we express our emotion is not in alignment with what we are really thinking and feeling.

Taking off our mask takes courage. It's not easy to become who we truly are. There will be challenges.

I have dedicated my life to uncovering my own authenticity and I can say with all my heart that is has been the best decision I have ever made. It has distinguished my understanding of how it feels to exist and how it feels to be alive- the difference is life-changing. It has taught me patience and to trust in the journey of growth and self realization.

Being authentic starts with the decision to be authentic. From there, we peel the onion. Imagine an onion- each layer we peel off, the more authentic we become as we come closer to our core.

The only way we can move forward is by acknowledging that which is in the present. And sometimes we don't want to face what is present because it is painful or scary. But in resisting, we are also resisting our growth and happiness. Happiness carries a different meaning when it doesn't hold the baggage of unexpressed emotion.

Life's cycle is whole. We are human and we are meant to experience the whole range of emotions. Acknowledging each experience for what it is creates freedom- the sensation of freedom itself as well as the freedom to be who we truly are and experience all that we are capable of experiencing.



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