Friday, 24 May 2013

Happiness is Right Now: Make Love to The Moment.
There is nothing more real than this moment. This very moment holds the most power of aliveness and authenticity. The past is memory and the future is yet to come. The greatest opportunity for impact we have is in our hands in this moment.

Sometimes we get caught up in the idea that happiness is attached to big things- to money, status and material possessions. That we need to achieve big things to find happiness. We look outside ourselves for it, as if it were some object to chase after. "One day, when I have ____ , I will be happy."

The truth is that we don't have to go anywhere to find true happiness. Only within our hearts. It is not attached to a condition, it does not rely on something that we need to get.

Happiness does not judge. It does not look at what we have or don't have. It doesn't care about perfection. It just is. And sometimes we must look within to find that happiness is something we can feel now.

With the courage to venture within, we know ourselves. And when we know ourselves, we know how to live.

Happiness starts from the journey within. It starts with the patience and courage to look within, to ask ourselves the burning questions about how we feel and what makes us happy. Are we living for other people or are we staying true to our authentic selves?

We can plan for the future, but living is in the moment.

This year I really realized that the realest human connection happens in the moment. How soul satisfying it is to experience life in each others' presence (the word presence derives from the state of being present). To be able to share our happiness with others and appreciate theirs.

One of my favorite movies, "Into The Wild" describes exactly this. That happiness as something that becomes real when it is shared. I could not agree more.



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