Sunday, 28 April 2013

Life is Messy, Embrace Imperfection. The more of life I experience, the more I realize that life is messy. We have expectations and what ends up happening may be vastly different from what we thought would happen. We can make plans and have goals and we achieve them- but the way in which we achieve our goals is not a path paved in certainty. We must become comfortable with uncertainty and allow ourselves to become strong by facing it.

"Life is like a garden, full of roses and thorns, weeds and sunflowers. The only way we can smell the roses is by walking through the garden. If we stand at the gates, we miss the whole experience. We must walk through the weeds, the spaces that are empty and through the thorniest parts to find the places upon which the shines brilliantly and the smell of the sweetest flowers ignites our most brilliant inner spark."

What I have learned is that the journey towards our goals is far more valuable than the destination. Of course results are important. We can measure each our progress and assure ourselves that we are going in the right direction. But really, there is no final  destination. We continue to grow with each day, we define our desires with time and experience.

Life is messy. It is imperfect. Or rather, perhaps we can say that it is imperfectly perfect. Imperfection is beautiful. Being on the journey towards what we want is beautiful, with all of its successes, frustrations, with all of the bumps and turns- because it all works out in the end. The struggles make us stronger, the successes keep us going.

We can stand at the gates of the garden of life and we can choose. Do we stand at the gates and do everything but enter into the garden? Or do we walk in, even if we walk alone, but with the knowing that it is through following our path that we create meaningful connections? Do we walk into the garden knowing that we will fall down and get hurt, but that we will also discover beauty, light, freedom and the smells and sights that truly make us feel alive? Of course we do.



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