Monday, 29 April 2013

How Do I Find My Passion? : The Ultimate Key.
Have you ever asked yourself what you are truly passionate about? Have you asked yourself if what you are doing now is aligned with your passion? I know I have. I believe that a life truly lived is a life of passion. When we are able to fuel passion into our relationships, work and most importantly ourselves, we are truly living. 

Whether we are in a place of wanting to discover our passion or if we simply want to refine our existing passion, exposure is the ultimate tool.

Passion is defined by our experiences.  More specifically, it is through our exposure to valuable content and life experiences over time that brings us closer to our passion.  
Reading a book, taking a course, listening to a lecture, watching a video or following a blog are all examples of content that feeds our mind. The internet is a powerful tool. We can use it to connect with sources that inspire, empower and define our passion. A great place to start is

In the past year especially, I have come to terms with a very powerful art- the art of doing. We are a result of our choices. What we choose to do is the defining factor. Also, how we choose to do it. Choosing to approach new experiences with awareness, excitement and an open mind will serve us best.

Passion is something we experience wholly, through our heart, body and mind.

When we travel, meet new people, explore different opportunities, and attend events, when we get outside the comfort of our own home and neighborhood, when we explore new grounds of any sort, we give ourselves more to work with.

I was able to start defining what I am passionate about in my life when I started really doing things, things that surpassed my comfort zone. The more we face our fears and take risks to do the things that bring us into the realm of uncertainty, the more we grow and refine who we are. When we take initiative, become curious, decide to do something and then also decide to dedicate our full engagement to our activities, we gain clarity.



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