Friday, 21 September 2012

The Power in Fear

What are your biggest fears? Being alone? Facing the unknown? Are you scared of change? Connecting with people? We all have fears but what I say is "so what?" So what if we have fears? Fear does not have to stop you from taking risks, following your dreams and experiencing all that life has to offer. 

Comfort and security is important and routine offers a great supportive structure to our lives, but it's when we rely on it all the time that we can lose sight of what else is out there. We can get stuck in the same routine, doing the same things, in the same places and with the same people. We like knowing what to expect because we can plan and ensure safety for ourselves. Routine brings a sense of satisfaction and we can confidently say that "everything is good enough". But what is good enough? I say there is never a "good enough"! Good enough doesn't exist because there is always more to discover, more places to see and more inspiring individuals to meet.

This is the way I like to think of it: life is an adventure and we are explorers!
Life is meant to be fun, exciting and sometimes challenging. And pushing through the challenges will lead you to more excitement and adventure.

We fear facing the unknown but in order to discover new things and unique experiences we must push through discomfort and fear. Because trust me, on the other side is power beyond measure- and by this I mean inner power, the power to feel happiness in every cell of your body and the power to love. Here is why facing fear is one of the best things you can do:

1 You Realize that Fear Itself is Never the Issue

Fear is a sensation. And yes, it can be thought about and certainly felt in the body. But this is not a reason why you shouldn't take action and do what you want to do in life. So notice the fear, but also take action. Trust me, it is possible to multitask here!

2 You Gain Confidence

Doing the things you are afraid of and putting yourself in new environments is uncomfortable at first, but just like anything else, you get used to it. And the fear goes away! A good example is public speaking. At first the speaker is trembling and unsure but with time he/she gains confidence. So with each new experience comes fear, but also confidence because you realize that you can handle it. And then you might say to yourself, "If I can handle this, than I can handle anything!" And this is really, really good.

3 You Enrich your Life Experience

Not being afraid of facing fear (How ironic!) and doing the things that you want to do, despite fear will bring unique, beautiful, amazing and yes, also challenging experiences. And through the challenges you will learn more and gain confidence in your ability to deal with them. And then you will go out and do more! And this is all worth it because now you have excitement and adventure. Through facing my fear, I have met incredible people, been in beautiful places and experienced things that I had previously thought to be impossible.

So face the fear and do what you really want.

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