Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Build Your Strength to Inspire it in Others

 Self care is vital. Investing in your own well-being allows you to be your most effective, powerful and strongest self. Think about it for a moment: you make yourself feel really good so that you can contribute your best into what you do and to the lives of others. It's OK to put yourself first. When you make your own happiness a priority, your impact on the happiness of others will be that much stronger. You are ready and able to share what you now know to be true to you. You are a practitioner of what you preach. You are genuine and your energy is valuable and lasting. So make yourself feel really good- do what it takes to fill your cup and nurture your own happiness. Because in that, you are truly powerful. In this article, I will show you why investing in yourself is the best thing you can do.

1 It Feels Good!

Let's face it, when you feel good, life is enjoyable and fulfilling. Do the things that make you feel good, do them often and your life experience is bound to be a happy and inspired one. What you do has meaning and purpose.

For example, if you are taking care of yourself by sleeping well, eating hearty meals, exercising regularly, meditating, taking baths, spending time in nature and with positive friends and doing whatever makes you feel good, everything else brings you joy. You find enjoyment in work and with every situation that you encounter.

2 You are Strong

Addressing your own needs gives you a strong base. You are ready for whatever comes your way. Negative situations don't affect you as they would have otherwise. You are resilient.  You work effectively and efficiently with focus and commitment. You are open to learn and grow, gaining the most of your life experience. You have sorted yourself and given attention to personal needs. Now there is less to worry about and you have space: to be in the moment and find peace within it.

3 You Inspire Others
What makes you feel good? By doing these things, you are independent- your happiness is not dependent on other people. And this is powerful because it means that whatever is given to you will only add to the abundance that you have created for yourself. People will respect you and you will be a leader. You will be able to help others and inspire them to create happiness because you are living your word- this means taking action upon your beliefs and values. In giving yourself strength first, you can truly be strong for others and connect with them on a profound level.

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