Friday, 28 September 2012

Being Resilient to Negativity 

Just like when you workout and build the muscles in your body, you can also build the muscles of your mind. With daily practice, just like any other skill, you can train your mind to focus on the positive. As a result, this is what will happen:

* Positive thought focus = positive emotion = positive initiative/action = happiness! *

There it is, simple yet vital. If you practice consistently focusing on positive thoughts, you will have more control over your life. As a result, you will feel better and have more motivation to do the things that will bring you happiness. And so the cycle continues...

Now you may be asking yourself how this strong positive mindset is actually achieved. Well, in this article, I will show you just that, so read on!

First, commit to being positive. Decide that you are going to aim, every day, to be aware of the kind of thoughts you are thinking and what you are saying. Decide that you are going to try your best to focus on the positive thoughts. You are going to say positive things, encourage yourself and others and be someone who people want to be around. 

Second, avoid negative people. This sounds simple, but it can be quite challenging for many. Avoiding negative people requires us to be aware of who we are spending time with and setting limits on those who are bringing us down. This is a difficult thing to do, yet essential if you want to maintain a high positive vibe. However, once you realize that you do not have to be tied down to those negative people, you can make the shift. You can let go of negative people, giving space for the positive people to come into your life. This is the process, simplified: 

* Become aware of the people in your life → How is each one affecting you? Positively or negatively? → Set limits or completely avoid the negative people *

Third, focus on the positive aspects of your life. You might even want to take a pen and paper right now and write down ten things you are grateful for or ten things in your life that are bringing you happiness. And by focusing on the positive, the aim is to focus less on the negative. You may also want to limit the amount of time you spend watching or reading about the news. There is a lot of negative content there that we have no control over.

Fourth, look for positive people- people who focus on the positive things in their life. Yes, we all have problems, but it is our choice how much energy we invest into them. If there is a problem that you can take action upon, definitely do something about it. But if you cannot change it, don't waste your precious energy! So find people who are positive and inspired and don't waste time gossiping because this is not only negative, but often hurtful and useless. 

And finally, read or watch inspirational content. This includes books, magazines, movies, videos, blogs and websites. A really great blog that I enjoy reading often is:
This is a great source of wisdom and positivity. Henrik, the author, does an amazing job at inspiring those of us who aim to live inspired and happy lives.

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