Wednesday, 29 August 2012



 Step 6: Take Action!

Taking action is the most important step to achieving your dreams and manifesting your passions. Ideas are great, but action is better. Don't wait for the perfect opportunity, perfect set of resources or perfect motivation to take action. You can start now and you can start small. DO something each day that aligns with the creation of the life you want. Of course, knowing what you like and want to pursue makes it easier to take action because you have more clarity and are therefore more focused. But very often, we need to take action first and simply put ourselves out there in what we believe we are interested in because it is through experience that we discover what it is we truly desire. So as you face fear and decide that you are going to live a life of adventure, beauty, freedom and happiness, take action. You won't know if something works or if you like it until you actually do it. And I say immerse yourself fully in the experience. Be open to learn and grow. Often we think we know what the result of taking a certain action is- we predict an outcome or set an expectation. But really, nobody knows what you will learn or gain from doing something until you do it. So take action and use your inner guide to help you make decisions that align with your beliefs and you will find much more than you ever expected. Make it a habit to consistently take action. And after each action you take, ask yourself three questions:

#1: How did doing this make me feel?
#2: What did I learn?
#3: If this made me feel good, what else can I do to re-create this experience or one that is similar?

As you ask yourself these questions and become aware of how your experiences are affecting you, you will becoming more in tune with yourself and gain clarity of the kind of life you truly want to live. Another very important thing to keep in mind is the unimportance of perfection. Being a perfect human being is not a prerequisite for success and certainly not important to be happy. Aim to be focused, productive, and determined instead and banish any perfection ideals that you may have- perfection does not matter. What really matters is that you are dedicated to gaining perspective and knowledge so that you can understand yourself and your own needs. What really matters is that you are open to fully experience life and follow your heart. What really matters is that you believe in yourself and maintain a positive outlook and non-judgmental approach. What really matters is your drive in taking consistent action to follow your dreams so that you can inspire others. 

Here are a few points to summarize this article:
  • Ideas are great, but action is better
  • Don't wait for the perfect circumstances to take action
  • Start small and start now!
  • It is through experience that we discover what we truly want
  • Be open to learn and grow

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