Friday, 30 September 2016

How to Set Goals like a Boss need to feel invigorating, exciting and challenging - otherwise they aren't worth having. They are like anchors, or a compass that reminds us of what direction we are going in.

Often times, we set goals for the wrong reasons. If its just for the money or to please our parents, it's not coming from our unique set of values, desires and vision.

When I made the decision to drop out of university to pursue the goals I really wanted to engage in - travel, volunteering, independence and moving out - it was hard, but at the same time I would never take that decision back because it was the right one. I wasn't ready to put thousands of dollars and time into a degree I didn't feel any sense of connection to. It took a massive amount of trust in myself and support. Following the guidance of my inner compass has never led me astray.

Each and every one of us is so different and therefore we will all have a different vision and goals for our lives. These goals will evolve, change and sharpen. That's why its important that we revisit our list regularly.
"Do I really want this?"
"What's important now?"
"What am I willing to do to be happy and reach my potential?"

Asking ourselves these questions can be scary, but what becomes clear is very valuable information.
Because goal-setting can be such a broad, ever-changing process, I'll outline three points that really help me when I sit down to get clear on what I want- usually with some good music and coffee :)

Identify Your Values First
Writing specific goals down can sometimes be an overwhelming and confusing process. This is why identifying our values first can be clarifying. Start with your values and then ask yourself, "If I'm living in alignment with this value, what would my life look like? What would I be doing?"
Then go from there.

Forget the Rules
There is no "right" way to set and have goals. Worrying that maybe our goals are either too small or too big, or how they will be perceived by others doesn't work.
The key is to focus on how the goals feel and sit with us, rather than how they look.  
If it matters to you, then it's worth having. 
If it lights you up, makes you smile and feels important, then it deserves attention.

Make Time and Space

Yes, life is short and our time is valuable, but life is not a race. If we rush our decisions without giving ourselves time to rest and check in, it can actually be counter-productive.

We need space and time at home (or away from home) to get clear and gain perspective. Deep down we know what we want, but distractions and stress can blur that clarity. When we take the time to slow down and leave room for mystery and uncertainty, what comes up naturally may be exactly what we're looking for.

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