Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Journey's Made me Stronger all have our struggles. I have mine. And you have yours.

Our challenges make us stronger, and in a way we want them. Because if we are not pushed to grow, we're not living.

But here's the thing.

Sometimes it's pretty tough. We wonder, "what is it this time that I need to learn? Because this time I'm challenged in a direction I've never been before. It's uncertain and scary."

Well let me tell you this. There will always be lessons and new experiences as long as we are living and engaged with the world. We get to choose, though, how we handle them.

Are we coming from a place of self love? Are we asking for the support we need? Are we surrendering to what is not within our control and taking charge of what is? Do we believe in ourselves? And better yet, are we surrounding ourselves with people who believe in us?

These are all questions we ask ourselves along the journey. The way we choose to respond to them determines how the journey will feel.

When we come from a place of self love and support, we cultivate insane faith, we realize that we can handle whatever comes our way, and we know that, "this too shall pass."

"Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling."
-Margaret Lee Runbeck

The journey is the destination.

Are we surrendering to our truth along the way and embracing our vulnerability? And most importantly, are we letting go of who we think we should be to be who we are?

Because when we embrace who we are and stop the judgement, when we lean into love and open ourselves up- yes, even when its hard- we find happiness.

Happiness is not dependent on something we think we need to get later, it really comes from inside and is always present when we stop, listen and allow ourselves to feel. 



  1. This is really inspiring Julie !

    1. Thank you Alix, that means a lot. I love you!