Thursday, 30 January 2014

Setting Our Intention for 2014: How do You Want to Feel This Year? my last meditation class, we talked about the year we have just ventured into and our intention as it unfolds. I found what one woman shared to be especially inspiring.

And this is it- she talked about setting an intention for how we want to feel this year.

How do we want to feel in our bodies as we live our day to day lives?

This question really struck me. A very simple, yet incredibly powerful way to see things. When we align our goals and decisions to feel the way we want to feel, we find fulfillment. This, in my opinion, is success- actively engaging in the things that make us happy.

Of course, the way society defines success may be different. But at the end of the day, I know I feel the most "successful" when I am meeting my own needs and desires, whatever they may be and however they may look like.

It is irrelevant whether they match up with society's expectations or what other people are doing. Comparison is often unhelpful and puts unnecessary pressure. Let us simply urgently move forward in giving ourselves what we need to be happy.

So we ask ourselves, "How do I want to feel this year?"

My intention is all about feeling focused, present, grounded and balanced and also excited and inspired.

Once we know how we want to feel, we are able to focus on our awareness and ask ourselves, "what can I do more of this year to feel this way?" and when in the midst of making a decision, "Does this line up with how I want to feel?" "Will doing this bring me closer to the feeling I most thrive on?"

Because when we are thriving, we are truly living. We feel alive, in flow and in our zone. And using the way we want to feel as a point of focus is one of the most powerful tools in goal-setting and decision making.

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