Monday, 20 January 2014

Coming to the Present Moment my meditation practice today, I rediscovered the undeniable bliss of the present moment. And it was simple and clear that it is in the present moment that we hold true power, balance and grounding. 

In the present, less is more, connection is deeper and love stronger.

When we became aware of the present moment through meditation, the practice of mindfulness, and the life-giving force of our breath, we connect with the energy that makes us feel alive.


The "here and now" holds so much peace, clarity and beauty. Its amazing how this practice naturally allows us to cultivate trust and faith in ourselves. We let go of the need to judge, explain and rationalize.

And we embrace the experience of simply being.

So really, its about doing more of what brings us greater connection with our bodies, because it is through our body and breath that we come to the present. We are human beings meant to live through our bodies, not our heads.

Feeling alive is a physical experience we have in our body, not our head. This is not to say that we don't use our mind to make decisions and such, but it means that  for the sake of feeling good we create space to be.

To feel.

To experience and express.

Whatever it is- meditation, dancing, laughing, acting foolish, taking a bath- lets just do it. And do it often! Because we are vibrating spirits meant to shine our light. Growing older and wiser does not mean that we lose our sense of playfulness.

So we remind ourselves to simply be. To make time to look at the stars and allow for our mind, body and heart to become one. Because it is in living through our body that we feel good, and with the wisdom of the mind and guidance of our heart that we find true connection.



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