Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Sometimes It's Ok to Quit bodies often know what we need better than our minds.

We can be "thinking" that we are doing everything right, that all the pieces are together, when in fact they aren't.

Overworked and exhausted, I recently found myself completely burnt out. It was time to put the brakes on. What this also meant was a wake up call to re-examine my life and have an honest conversation with myself.

Sometimes things work for a certain period of time. They serve a purpose for a time. Relationships work for a time- they rise and fall, like an ocean swell. And then it is time to let go. The cycle of life continues.

When the things we do become routine, become too comfortable, we realize that life needs constant adjustment. Each day we must ask ourselves how we feel and check in with our path and if we are in alignment with what it is that we truly want and need. Are we doing that which excites us and nourishes our soul?

The cycle of life demands that we wake up each day and look around us as if our environment, the people around us and our own selves have changed, grown, evolved. And yet, we sometimes forget to see that each day we face really is a new day.

Today is like no other. A blank canvas waiting to be painted. And we are the active creators of it.

When our bodies tell us to stop and reflect on our lives, to check in with where we are within our individual selves, we realize that although these times may be the hardest, they are also times to face truth.

When we have the space to question our current reality, to face the truth of how we are feeling, what we are doing and who we are spending our time with now, then we may realize that as the cycle of life continues, so must we.

Awareness of truth is what creates powerful change. Change from the heart.

We move with the tide. We take the time to reflect, focus, reshape our perspective, shift our actions, create new challenges, re-ignite our spark or simply get rid of that which is not serving us to create space for that which will.

Why do we often avoid slowing down to reflect on our truth? Because we fear change and uncertainty. We create stories, we rationalize- to avoid making tough decisions. Maybe we are afraid to hurt others in the process of these important decisions. And while, yes, this is a safe route, it is not serving the growth of anyone.

In the end, the decisions we make that serve our becoming the strongest version of ourselves are precisely the same decisions that allow us to naturally inspire growth and strength in others.



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