Thursday, 10 October 2013

Bored? We Create Our Adventure can easily confuse adventure with being busy.

I've realized that simply being busy, having things to do, doesn't necessarily make our life an adventure. In fact, instead of being bored, we escape our boredom by being busy. This is one way to describe what we all know as "going through life with the actions, yet not really feeling engaged and present."

No wonder we are not engaged and present, if we are not interested in what we are doing. Our curiously and alertness dwindles and we can become more passive. No wonder!

When we are not being challenged and filling our life with a healthy level of risk-taking, we have less motivation to focus and be engaged in the present moment of what we are doing.

And how do we change this?

We slow down and become present with our truth.

In my own experience of a few weeks of overworking, I realized that we can easily put too much emphasis on something we are not interested in until it becomes a distraction. Maybe we think that it is what we "have to do."

Well, I have certainly realized that at any point in our lives, we have a choice. There is always a way to adjust, or change our situation.

It is with awareness that we are able to truly change.
Consciously change.

There is always a way to re-ignite our spark and turn our sails in the direction of our desire.

And sometimes when we are simply present with ourselves, our heart has a way of instinctively guiding us to that which we really need.

We won't have to "think" about what we "should" do to change things.

Our heart will simply know.



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