Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Why Travel? is my firm belief that without the opportunity to be challenged and grow as our unique selves, life is meaningless. We cannot become all that we are if we don't face our fears, push our limits and becoming incredibly uncomfortable.

Growth happens as a result of two things coming together: our experiences in this world and our internal processing of these experiences. Traveling is one of the best ways to expand our perspective and our capacity to experience life.

And I don't mean over budgeting just to stay in hotels and eat in restaurants. This is a vacation, not traveling. I went on many vacations growing up, but this year I really started traveling. I stayed in hostels and ate at the local markets, found myself striking up inspiring conversations with strangers. In doing this, my entire perspective on what travel is changed. I see incredible value in it.

When we travel, we become more open in every day because we want to learn more about what the world has to offer. We want to see more, do more and feel more. And in opening up, we allow the process of exploration, adventure and learning to take place.

The nature of travel is of non-attachment. We leave our stuff, jobs, the people we usually spend our time with and our homes to see something else. To become immersed in a different way of living and being.

Why is this so amazing?

Because it shows us that anything is possible. That we can live life is any way that we choose. It is just a matter of our decision. 

Traveling forces us to question our current way of life, choices and ways of thinking and doing things. Without travel, we may live our whole lives asking ourselves, "Is this really all there is?" And with it we feel more fulfilled. We realize that the whole idea of "normal" is bullshit. Complete and utter foolishness. Why?

Because normal is whatever we make it. Each country has it's own normal. And the only way to realize this is by packing our bags and traveling in the most adventurous and open-hearted way possible.



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