Thursday, 13 June 2013

Embracing Authenticity.
Upon arriving back from traveling to Israel a few days ago, I realized the power of perspective. That when we grow and become more grounded in our authentic selves, we can be in the same places again after three years, and feel completely different. Three years ago I went to Israel and felt lost, disconnected and lonely. Upon going back to some of the same places again, I truly realized that it is who we become, within ourselves, that determines how we experience life. This is how powerful perspective is.

These recent travels gave me a certain reassurance. They reminded me that things do change. We are never stuck, even when we feel like there is no way out. There is always a path moving forward and we always have a choice. On who we want to become. With a great deal of self-trust, patience and persistence, we really can create the kind of life we want for ourselves, in every way.

My life really changed when I asked myself the question, "Do I want to live a life that looks good on the outside or one that feels good on the inside?" This is a question that challenges our authenticity. How much are we willing to risk to be true to ourselves? Are we willing to embrace vulnerability and uncertainty to follow the path that feels right, despite what it looks like? Through the choices I made, what I was doing was answering yes to these questions. It was time to give up who I thought I should be for something more real. Something far more real.

And upon being in the same places in my recent travels while feeling completely different, feeling finally myself, I was filled with overwhelming gratitude. I felt utterly blessed to have fought for authenticity, to be myself.

Life is too short to be anyone else other than ourselves. There is so much to experience and when we make our choices from our hearts, doing what really feels right, then our life experience is that much more real.

Things change all the time, no matter what we do. Life is constantly shifting and we are adjusting. And where we choose is in how we react to our circumstances or what happens to us.  We can choose to let life affect us, to become victim to circumstances and the expectations of others, or we can become active participants in our lives. We can choose to affect our lives, to pave our own path by the choices we make and walk on it as our most authentic selves.



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