Sunday, 24 March 2013

How Do You See Things? (The Power of Perspective)

The way we feel is a direct reflection of the perspective we have- about ourselves, others, the world and everything in it.

If we are focusing on the negative things, we see the world with a negative eye, have expectations of things going badly in the future, see less of ourselves. This translates into feelings of inadequacy and lack of fulfillment.

Conversely, if we are seeing the beauty and positive things in life, that is what we are absorbing- literally. Our bodies thrive when our mind is in a good place. This way of viewing things is incredibly fulfilling and soul-satisfying. It feeds into a cycle that propels us to see further beauty. Of course, this perspective makes us happy.

Many of us can vouch for the fact that circumstances in life can make it more difficult to see beauty and light. I am not in any way downplaying the impact of  unexpected tough times. However, often and especially during these tough times, we get consumed by the struggle and forget about all the good stuff- even though its still there.

I realized this especially recently. When we are going through something, we can become so involved in it that seeing outside this experience is difficult. And only when we became at peace with ourselves after the storm passes, does it hit us that the positive things and people were always there, even during the tough time.

One way to remind ourselves of the goodness that is always in our lives it to practice gratitude. Each day I make an effort to remind myself of the positive people in my life who support me, my health, the opportunities I have- the list goes on. Whatever it is, from something as simple as the ability to be able to eat good food, drink fresh water and sleep in a warm bed to the job we have that allows us to travel, eat and do what we want- these are all things that when we can expand our awareness of them and see their positive impact on us each day, we feel more fulfilled. We gain perspective, which reminds us of all that we have no matter what we are going through.



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